Preparing for my Performance

Preparing for a performance is the best part of being an entertainer. I get the chance to master my skill by continuous practice. All my rehearsals is done at my home studio. Depending on how many shows I have. I normally will rehears every night and try to have clear mind when practicing. One of the first things I do before rehearsing is my set list. This is the list of songs that I will be singing at the show. It's important to organize your songs based on the tone and pace they have. A good balance of music will keep the audience's attention and provide a fun upbeat show.

I will rehears for about 2 hours a day minimum for about week in advance prior to showtime. It's extremely important to adjust my diet for that day because I don't want to feel unconformable. If the show is local I will arrive 4 hours before the show. If I'm leaving the state I can sometimes be a whole day early. All depends on the show requirements and the location. Relaxation is another factor for me. At times I can get frustrated with sound and what song is best the match. I can always count on  my wife to reassure me and help me thru any kind of anxiety I may have.

Another way I have to prepare is technical, because I am a guitar artists I have to line up my guitars based on the order of the set list and this is done by me before the show begins. I must tune & maintenance each one before I perform. Rehearsing is a full time duty the more I do it the better I will get. Below is a picture of me rehearsing in my studio.  I thank you for visiting my blog and hope to you see at my next event. Till then safe travels!